Robert De Niro 's daughter Drena De Niro allegedly attacked her ex-boyfriend in Greenwich Village on Thursday evening (25th August 2011), according to the New York Post. Drena, who was adopted by the Hollywood star when he married her mother Diahnne Abbott, reportedly hit Austin Young in the face around 8pm.
32-year-old Young was walking his dog on Downing Street when he stopped to chat with a neighbour. He claimed Drena stormed over and "slugged" him in the face, adding, "For 15 minutes she whaled on me and yelled at me.I can take a punch, but she whaled on me, like, 10 times. She's a Thai boxer, and a very good one". Authorities say a report of a domestic-incident was filed at the scene but no arrests were made because there were no injuries. A battered Mr Young claimed Drena was furious he had a new love, saying, "I think she heard about my new girlfriend moving into my apartment.She's very bitter with the way our relationship ended". Witnesses claim at one point Drena grabbed a potted palm tree and smashed it on the sidewalk.
Robert De Niro also has a son, Raphael, from his relationship with Abbott. He has twin sons, Julian and Aaron from his long-term relationship with Toukie Smith and another son, Elliot, from his relationship with GRACE HIGHTOWER.