Robert De Niro, the legendary Hollywood actor and star of new comedy movie 'Little Fockers' is set to make his first appearance on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' after taping an interview that will air on Christmas Eve, reports CBS News. During the chat, the 67-year-old was teased by Letterman for his previous reluctance to appear on the show.
In the interview, which also features De Niro's co-star Dustin Hoffman, Letterman asks the 'Taxi Driver' star what took him so long to appear on the program, saying, "We've been on the air for 30 years. Right now, we're on CBS. We used to be on NBC. I live in your neighbourhood, literally, your neighbourhood. We're neighbours, and this is your first time", before asking "What have I done?" The actor passed the blame on to his co-star, saying, "Oh, God, I don't know. I just, well, whatever. Dustin, he'll explain to you", to which Hoffman replied, "I can maybe answer for him. I am the De Niro Whisperer".
De Niro's new movie 'Little Fockers' is the third film in the 'Meet the Parents' comedy franchise and sees Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Hoffman reprise their roles as members of the dysfunctional families. The film opened in cinemas worldwide yesterday (22nd December 2010).