Comedian Kimmel dedicated an entire skit of his popular Mean Tweets segment to De Niro during his show on Monday night (27Feb17), with the Mean Streets star blasting the trolls who had taken aim at his appearance and his talents.

Reading each mean tweet, De Niro then glared into the camera and said, "Who does this? Who are you? Are you some little f**king 15 year old, who has nothing better to do in you life?"

And when another tweeter suggested the movie icon looked like "a wrinkled potato", De Niro fired back, "F**k you!" adding, "What kind of f**king infantile humour is this?"

After reading another tweet from a critic who called the actor a "POS" (piece of s**t), the angry Goodfellas star raged, "You know what you can do? You can suck my c**k, you f**king scumbag!"