Back in July (16), the U.S. Department of Justice filed to seize the assets of a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund called 1MDB, set up by the country's Prime Minister Najib Razak. It is claimed more than $1 billion (£770 million) was embezzled and misappropriated from the fund - including $100 million (£77 million) which was used from the fund to finance Leonardo Dicaprio's 2013 movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed Robert De Niro is the latest star to be embroiled in the corruption scandal, with the actor's Tribeca Film Institute reportedly taking a donation from the Jynwel Foundation, which is linked to the 1MDB fund.

Investigators claim the foundation is the philanthropic arm of Jho Low’s Jynwel Capital investment fund, which the Department of Justice claims made property investments in the U.S. using misappropriated 1MDB funds.

The actor told the Hollywood Reporter​ he “didn’t know” how much the Jynwel Foundation had donated to the Tribeca Film Institute, and reiterated he had done nothing wrong.

"I don’t care whether my name is associated with it. I didn’t do anything,” De Niro said. “I’m aware of it, but I don’t give a s**t. When I have to tell something to somebody, I’ll answer to them and that will be it."

De Niro also made it clear that the Institute would give back the money if needed.

The Hollywood Reporter also revealed that in 2010, the actor visited Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife, and De Niro’s son Raphael sold an associate of the prime minister apartments worth millions in 2010 and 2011.

It is now alleged those apartments were bought with funds from 1MDB.

The Oscar-winning actor told the publication he was aware his son sold the property, but stressed "he didn’t know how their relationship had come about."

1MDB allegedly backed Red Granite Pictures, the production company behind DiCaprio's The Wolf of Wall Street. Investigators claim more than $100 million (£77 million) was used from the fund to finance the 2013 movie, which raked in over $392 million (£302 million) worldwide.

The U.S. Department of Justice is demanding all future profits, royalties and distribution proceeds from the Oscar-nomi­nated flick.

Other assets include five expensive properties in Manhattan, including penthouses and a stake in the Park Lane Hotel.