Robert De Niro would return to make a sequel to 'Taxi Driver'.

The Martin Scorse-directed cult classic was nominated for four Oscars upon its release in 1976, and De Niro admits he would like to return to play Travis Bickle for a second time.

He said: "I have talked to writer Paul Schrader and Marty. We've spoken about what would happen to Travis these years later.

"We had a thing and we tried to figure it out; Paul was trying to come up with something. And it just didn't seem to work."

Despite problems creating a script for a sequel to the thriller, the 66-year-old actor confirms he would like to see a second movie made.

He told "You never know - something could come up. I thought it would be interesting to find a way to bring Travis back all these years later - maybe with something ironic about where he'd end up, as he did in the first one.

"All these years later, maybe we could. It's still possible."

Travis became a cult hero upon the film's release, and was famous for claiming that the rain would come to "wash all this scum off The Streets" of New York.