Despite his many years in the business and films like Raging Bull, The Godfather Part II and Taxi Driver on his resume, the 72-year-old isn't too proud to listen to tips from his younger castmates - and appreciated ideas from The Hunger Games star, who plays his movie daughter in new film Joy.

The actors have now worked together on three films, and Robert admits he was far from offended when the 25-year-old offered him feedback on a scene that wasn't quite working.

"She might give me advice about the way a scene is going or the way I should play something; I'm pretty easy about that stuff," he told Haute Living Los Angeles. "That's how it should work."

However, Robert admits he's not an actor who feels comfortable dishing out advice to others, and he wouldn't rush to share his thoughts with Jennifer, unless "I really felt something that I thought she really needed to know, or unless she asked me".

Despite their age gap, the stars have a lot in common - they're both Academy Award winners for a start. Robert owns two Oscars, while Jennifer picked up her first for 2012's Silver Linings Playbook.

And the veteran actor can't speak highly enough of her work ethic.

"I just love Jennifer; she's terrific," he shared. "She's got lots of great energy, she works hard and she's just easy (to work with)."

Robert has now paired up with another young star, Zac Efron, for the comedy Dirty Grandpa, in which he gets to play a dirty old man.

"I just liked the idea of doing something that was crazy and out there and different (from what I've done) and so I said, 'Why not?'" he explained. "I just thought, 'I'll just do it and hopefully people like it'. It's irreverent and a little out there, but what the hell."