Robert De Niro embraces every moment of life.

The 69-year-old actor has realised how quickly time goes by as he's got older so now he makes the most of everything that comes his way.

Talking about life, he said: ''I enjoy it. I like it. And especially when you get older, you start realising you don't have that much time. And you look back and say, 'The last 15 years, it went by kind of quickly.' You don't really know it until you get there and look back and say, 'Geez, where did that time go?' I know I've gotta account for every day, every moment, every this, every that, but it still went, that time went. So now I have the next whatever, hopefully 15, 20 years if I'm lucky, and I think what to use that time for.''

The 'Silver Linings Playbook' star also revealed he is now appreciative of his critics, because it gives him an insight into what people think of his work.

The two-time Oscar winner the New York Times newspaper: ''What I say is, if you didn't have critics - even though they can annoy you and upset you - if you didn't have a critic, who would tell you how it is? Because people won't tell you. When you do a movie and you're showing it to people or audiences or friends, they're never going to say that they dislike it. Because they're with you and they know what you went through. So they'll always find a positive thing to say. So the people who you'll get real feedback from are critics. Especially good critics.''