Robert De Niro has become less judgemental as he's got older.

The 67-year-old actor admits he has mellowed with age and no longer takes himself so seriously, although he has become more cautious because he knows the implications of certain actions.

He said: "You get older, you get more cautious. Situations come up that you've been through and you can see where they're gonna go."

Despite being of retirement age, De Niro says he has no plans to quit acting and just takes each day as it comes.

The Oscar-winning star said: "I might do things that are more retiring, like sit in a place and just look at The View. Take a nice walk. Have a coffee. But not retire. As long as I'm enjoying what I'm doing, why retire?

"Now is now. Then is then. And the future will be what the future will be. So enjoy the moment while you're in it. Now is a great time."