Officials at a town in Connecticut have lifted a 13-year ban on filming at night after a request from producers of Robert De Niro's new movie.
De Niro will line up alongside a host of other big-name Hollywood actors including Robin Williams, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, and Katherine Heigl for 2012 comedy The Big Wedding.
Moviemakers planned to shoot a key scene at a country club's pool in Greenwich, Connecticut later this month (Jul11), but they were forced to apply for special permission to film overnight to avoid delaying the project because of scheduling issues.
Officials in the town agreed to lift the midnight-to-6am filming curfew, the first time it has been removed for 13 years.
Producer Clay Pecorin says, "We have been lucky enough to get a really great cast who are really professional... In the best of both worlds, we'd love to film just in the day."
A spokesman for the town's Board of Selectmen says, "I think it's something that we, as a community, should embrace."