LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and ELIZA DUSHKA were a pair of tearaways as youngsters on the set of THIS BOY'S LIFE.

The attractive co-stars filmed with Robert De Niro in 1993 and wreaked merry hell while filming was going on all around them.

Eliza recalls, "It was clear to everyone around that Leo was so good, he really had something. Half De Niro's size, half his age, but really holding his own.

"You can't ride bikes (on set) because an accident could hold up production, but Leo and I had a bike he used to whip around and sure enough one day he fell on his face and skinned his whole chin open.

"I think he shut down shooting. He's like, 'Sorry!'. Then gave them the finger and run off."

21/07/2003 17:07