Robert De Niro has signed up to 'The Killer Elite'.

The veteran actor will star alongside Jason Statham and Clive Owen in the action thriller, which is currently filming in Melbourne, Australia.

Aden Young, Ben Mendelsohn and Lacy Hulme have also been confirmed with roles in the Gary McKendry-written and directed movie.

De Niro will play the role of Hunter in the movie - Jason Statham's best friend and mentor, Moviehole reports.

'The Killer Elite' is based on the novel 'The Feathermen' by Ranulph Fiennes and tells the tale of a group of UK special forces members who are hunted by assassins.

De Niro has a number of big movies coming up in the near future, including action adventure 'Machete' alongside Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba and Neil Burger-directed thriller 'The Dark Fields' with Bradley Cooper and Anna Friel.

'The Killer Elite' is currently filming but does not have a release date.