Robert De Niro was doused with a ton of lubricant for his monstrous birthing scene in 1994 film Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
Director and co-star Kenneth Branagh admits the movie legend was a thrill to work with, and he never complained once - even when he was covered with the K-Y Jelly goo.
Branagh says, "We gave him a two o'clock make-up call... because it was the sequence the next day where he had to be born as the creature... He had to be covered, top to toe, in prosthetic Latex and make-up.
"He's born; we put him in a sort of tub, he's thrown out of this womb-like container... He's completely naked... and we had one ton of K-Y Jelly."
And the slippy situation was a big problem for half-naked Branagh, whose Dr. Frankenstein character has to help the monster, played by De Niro, to his feet.
He adds, "It's very, very difficult to know where to put your hands... There are only a few places you can really get any traction if you're in a ton of K-Y Jelly, half-naked - even with Robert De Niro and he's a very well-built young man... We became very close after that."