Robert De Niro wants his Cold War movie THE GOOD SHEPHERD to be the first of a trilogy of films about the conflict. The actor/director claims the movie has turned him into a Cold War fanatic, after first becoming interested in the rivalry between the US and Soviet Union as a child. De Niro says, "I'm fascinated by the Cold War. Especially the Cold War in Berlin. As a kid, I was here a few times and went to East Berlin. I found the whole period amazing. It's fascinating stuff. Everybody has a fascination with it. "I'd love to do a second part, from 1961 when the Berlin Wall went up to 1989 when the Wall fell. And then I'd like to do a third part from 1989 to the present." De Niro adds his belief the Cold War may have never ended: "I always wondered before 'When the Cold war ended, would it ever be over?'. I used to think the other shoe's going to drop. It dropped. Nuclear weapons are easier to get and more countries are getting them. It's a little scary when you think about it."