Hollywood stars Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone have been slammed for their terrible interviewing skills, by a British TV presenter.

Scots showbiz reporter CARLA ROMANO, the Hollywood correspondent for ITV1 show GM.TV, found the two actors incredibly difficult to speak to and was disgusted by their behaviour.

Romano says, "Robert De Niro was the worst interview of my life. He was monosyllabic to the point when I said, 'Why are you doing this interview? You're not talking. You're not even looking at me.'

"It didn't make any difference, he continued to ignore me.

"I was interviewing Sharon Stone off the back of CATWOMAN, possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

"We were getting on famously, firing on all cylinders. I innocently asked her what it was like being single again and out there on the dating scene.

"Oh my God! She whipped her head round and barked at the cameraman, 'Stop the tape!' Then she turned back to me. 'Get out!', she snarled. My instinct was to laugh. She struck me as ridiculous."