Legendary Hollywood actors Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are set to star together side by side in the new movie Righteous Kill.

The pair have been in the same film together before, famously in the Godfather Part II, although they never actually acted together on screen.

However in the 1996 Michael Mann thriller Heat the actors shared two scenes, one in a café and another at a deserted airport.

Avi Lerner, one of the film's producers, told Variety: "This is an event in world history. They were in two scenes in Heat. In this movie, they are in the whole thing together."

The plot involves both De Niro and Al Pacino as cops chasing a serial killer. Jon Avnet will direct the movie, which starts shooting on August 6th.

Both actors have had extremely successful careers, initially in similar roles after breaking through in the Godfather films.

De Niro went on to star in Taxi Driver; New York, New York; and Raging Bull while Al Pacino starred in Scar Face before returning for the final Godfather instalment.

18/05/2007 13:46:43