Rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent is convinced his movie career is moving in the right direction after Robert De Niro agreed to star in his independent crime drama Freelancers.

The In Da Club hitmaker, who launched production firm Cheetah Vision in 2009, admits landing Oscar winner De Niro for the recent movie was a huge coup, and proved that he was picking the right projects to focus on as he works to build up his Hollywood career.

50 Cent tells Details magazine, "We talk about business. I built the company that financed Freelancers. So, he's working for me, but it's a favour, actually - financially, he doesn't need what we're offering, it's a creative choice.

"When you pick a project that an Academy Award-winning actor thinks is worthy of working on, it just says that you're going in the right direction."

It was the second time 50 Cent co-starred with the Raging Bull icon - they also worked on 2008 film Righteous Kill with Al Pacino.