Actor Robert Davi is enjoying a rebirth as a top Bond baddie - thanks to Internet message boards.
The movie star portrayed Bond villain Franz Sanchez in License to Kill, but fears his stint as a 007 foe was overshadowed by fans' dislike for Timothy Dalton at the time - and he never received the credit he felt he was due.
But thanks to the ongoing lure of Bond, fans are rediscovering the 1989 movie and elevating Davi up the list of super villains online.
Davi tells WENN, "I know they're voting now in Entertainment Weekly (magazine) for the Bond villains and it seems like my Bond villain is being more and more appreciated because initially, when the film came out, there was a backlash with Timothy Dalton.
"The revisionist people, who are seeing the Bond films, the way they're bringing them to a reality now are seeing Timothy again and appreciating him, and the film and appreciating me as one of the top Bond villains.
"Some of the real Bond aficionados - I run into them all the time - and they rank me as one of the three top villains."
And that's gratifying for the actor, because he had a blast playing a Bond baddie.
He recalls, "I did my own underwater stunts and luckily I did not get hurt. I had to learn to scuba dive so they gave me a crash course to get certified, so I could do that stunt where you have to take your mask off, lose your piece and stay underwater during the escape I made out of the armoured truck, when they were exporting me to some other place.
"That was a little bit hair raising, but I was very calm. Scuba diving and underwater stunts are very good if you do yoga. You can't get excited or nervous. You just have to meditate and not panic."