Robert Carlyle is desperate for Ewan McGregor and director Danny Boyle to settle their feud, because he would love to star in TRAINSPOTTING sequel PORNO.

Anxious Trainspotting fans have been eagerly anticipating the film version of author Irvine Welsh's hit sequel for years - but ever since McGregor and director Boyle clashed over LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's casting in The Beach, the sequel has been shelved.

But Carlyle remains convinced filming would be fun if the two could settle their egotistical differences.

He says, "I have to say I've never been approached by anyone about it. I would hope to do it again because we had a great time the last time; some friendships I made on that film have continued to this day, and that's quite rare.

"The opportunity to work with Danny again would be fantastic."