Actor Robert Blake refused to help his dying wife, a Los Angeles court heard yesterday (21DEC04).

Witness SEAN STANEK, who testified at the BARETTA star's murder trial, claimed Blake did not approach the car in which his wife Bonny Lee Bakley was shot.

Stanek - a nearby resident in the Studio City area of Los Angeles where Bakley was killed - added Blake hammered on his door on the night of the killing, screaming the words, "You got to help me. My wife is bleeding... call 911."

However, Stanek said when he approached the car to offer help to Bakley, Blake failed to join him.

The witness told the court, "The whole thing was unusual. What was unusual was that he wasn't helping."

Stanek also testified that Blake told police, "I knew this was going to happen. She was so afraid. That's why I carried a piece on me."

A second prosecution witness, school nurse TERI LORENZO-CASTANEDA, claimed she saw Blake weeping at the scene but was baffled when he walked back to the car rather than ran.

CAROLE CAPUTO, who was dining with Lorenzo-Castaneda, said Blake appeared to switch his emotions on and off according to who was present.

Blake's defence attorney countered in his opening statement that police were negligent and the actor's arrest was "driven by the desire for fame".

Blake, 71, denies murdering Bakley in May 2001. The case continues.

22/12/2004 13:52