LATEST: Robert Blake's former stuntman testified yesterday (07FEB05) that the actor asked him to murder his wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY two months before she was shot dead on 4 May, 2001.

GARY McLARTY, who worked as Blake's double on Seventies TV drama BARETTA, told the jury Blake met him in March (01) and offered to take Bakley to a restaurant, and leave her in the car while McLarty shot her.

Prosecutors insist McLarty's evidence proves Blake - who stands accused of killing his wife outside Vitello's restaurant in Studio City, California - was forced to do the job himself, after McLarty refused.

But the defence believes McLarty's evidence is invalid because he admitted heavy cocaine use had triggered serious hallucinations.

Under questioning by Blake's attorney GERALD SCHWARTZBACH, McLarty said, "I believe he talked about going up a set of stairs at night, and pop her.

"Blake showed me a small gun, asked if I could obtain a silencer, and then offered $10,000 for the job.

"I turned Blake down a few days later, and he asked why. I said, 'Hey, just your notoriety alone.' And he hung up."

08/02/2005 13:57