Prosecutors in the Robert Blake murder trial are set to serve up a star witness who claims he knows the actor killed his wife because she told him she dreamed the whole thing in the year before her death.

Los Angeles lawyer CARY GOLDSTEIN (corr) insists he's happy to take the stand next week (beg24JAN05) because he regrets not believing former client Bonny Lee Bakley when she first told him she was going to be murdered by her husband.

The famed divorce lawyer says Bakley often confided in him with regard to her murder fears, but Goldstein never took him seriously.

He reveals, "Bonny told me that if anything happens to her, if she's murdered, that it's Blake who's responsible. Never has a client ever actually been murdered so I kind of didn't give that warning the respect it deserved."

21/01/2005 09:53