Actor Robert Blake's murdered wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY is set to be the subject of a new movie.

Producer LARRY THOMPSON has secured the exclusive rights to the story of Bakley, who was shot dead outside a Los Angeles restaurant in 2001, from her sister MARGERY BAKLEY.

The film is planned to open with Blake walking Bakley to his car, saying he has to go back into the restaurant. The scene mirrors the real-life incidents surrounding Bakley's currently unsolved homicide, for which BARETTA star Blake is awaiting trial on murder charges.

Thompson says the result of the trial "could be added to the crawl" of the film. Others who will be portrayed in the film include CHRISTIAN BRANDO, JERRY LEE LEWIS and one of Bakley's ex-husbands, PAUL GOWRON.

Plans for another movie on the subject, called TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA, were announced last year (02).

19/08/2003 21:14