The 83-year-old actor and his 55-year-old girlfriend Pamela Hudak were spotted filling out a marriage license application at the Beverly Hills Courthouse in California on Thursday (09Mar17).

Sources tell the groom and bride-to-be dated when they were younger, before Blake married his late second wife Bonnie Lee Bakley, who was shot and killed in the car park of Vitello's restaurant in Studio City, California, in 2001.

Blake was considered the prime suspect in the murder investigation after it was determined his gun was used in his wife's murder, but he claimed the weapon had fallen out of his pocket in the booth where they were sitting.

He maintained throughout the investigation and murder trial he returned to the restaurant to retrieve the gun, only to find someone had picked it up and used it to kill Bakley.

Hudak, who actually testified on Blake's behalf, told the court she had dated the actor in 1991 and later lived in Blake's guesthouse.