Hollywood producer LARRY GARRISON faces a quandary - both sides in the Robert Blake murder trial want to make movies with him.

Garrison, who became America's number one true crime film mogul when he turned the story of mother-and-son murderers SANTE and KENNETH KIMES (corr) into major TV movie, LIKE MOTHER, LIKE SON, has been approached by Blake's family and the actor's dead wife Bonny Lee Bakley's best friend to tell their stories.

Garrison has already committed to make a film with Bakley's confidante CHRISTINA SCHEIER and has Kate Hudson and her mother Goldie Hawn in his sights to play the younger and older Bonny Lee.

He says, "This won't be a movie about the death of Bonny Lee. It's about `best friends never die'. It'll be a modern THELMA + LOUISE about two beauty queens who became best friends." But now Garrison has also been approached by Blake's family, who want him to tell the former BARETTA star's side of the story.

Garrison says, "I can't do that one because I want to do what's best for Christina. I feel that no matter how much of a grifter her girlfriend Bonny Lee was no one deserves to die."

06/11/2004 03:00