The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating allegations its lead investigator in the Robert Blake murder case withheld evidence from the defence. The complaint was filed by M GERALD SCHWARTZBACH, who helped get Blake acquitted in a criminal trial, and ALLAN FIEBELKORN, a car dealer manager who testified at Blake's civil trial. The former BARETTA star was acquitted in 2005 of killing wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY, but a civil jury found that he intentionally caused her death and awarded her family $30 million (GBP15 million). Bakley was fatally shot in 2001 outside a restaurant after dining with Blake. The claim against lead investigator, Detective RON ITO, alleges he did not adequately investigate the link between two ex-stuntmen, who said Blake asked them to commit the crime, and CHRISTIAN BRANDO, who had an affair with Bakley. It also alleges that Ito failed to tell the defence that one stuntman had used methamphetamines and that the other had been in a mental ward. Brando, the son of Marlon Brando, has denied any involvement in the murder.