Robert Blake's lawyer has submitted a list of 670 possible witnesses the defence may call on to testify in the actor's trial on charges of murdering his wife.

Attorney THOMAS MESEREAU JR declined to discuss the list, which was not released by the court or defence attorneys. He expects the trial, set to begin on 9 February (03), to last four to five months.

The prosecution gave the court a list of 164 possible witnesses, including the former BARETTA star's handyman EARLE CALDWELL, who had been a defendant until a conspiracy count was dismissed on 31 October (03).

The prosecution list also includes CHRISTIAN BRANDO, son of veteran actor Marlon Brando, and author MILES CORWIN, who was present during much of the investigation while writing a book on the police robbery-homicide division.

Blake, 70, is accused of murdering Bonny Lee Bakley, 44, on 4 May, 2001. He had married Bakley after tests showed he was the father of her baby daughter. She had previously thought that Christian Brando was the father.

Blake spent nearly a year in jail before a judge released him on $1.5 million (GBP882,352) bail in March (03).

07/12/2003 21:07