Actor Robert Blake may have been kept out of prison by the wife he was accused of murdering - because she didn't want her daughter to grow up without both her parents.

Music producer ROBERT STEFANOW, a close friend of Blake's late wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY, claims it was the murder victims dying wish that her husband stay out of jail.

Bakley confided in Stefanow days before she was found shot dead in Blake's car outside a Los Angeles restaurant - and she told him it was her greatest wish that Blake stay a free man.

Stefanow says, "She said, `If anything happens to me, I don't want Robert to go to jail. ROSIE needs at least one parent home to raise her.'

"She (Bakley) had recently returned from a camping trip during which she believed someone had twice tried to murder her.

"But even though she had a premonition of her own death, she didn't want Blake to go to jail for her murder.

"Now it seems Bonny got her dying wish - she's dead and Blake is free to raise Rosie."

Jurors acquitted Blake of murdering his wife and plotting to kill her last week (ends18MAR05).

26/03/2005 01:28