Troubled actor Robert Blake has been given a boost in his upcoming murder trial - the credibility of two key prosecution witnesses has been called into question.

Former movie stuntmen GARY McLARTY and RONALD HAMBLETON have both agreed to testify against Blake, who is accused of killing his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY.

Both claim they were approached by Blake in the years before Bakley's death and asked to kill her.

But now their involvement in the case could help Blake's defence team after McLarty was recently exposed as being delusional by his own son and Hambleton is facing a jail sentence for brandishing a weapon at police.

McLarty's son recently told American tabloid the NATIONAL ENQUIRER that he felt his father was losing his mind after he "crawled" to his home one night and arrived "quivering".

The former stuntman, who claims he was party to four murder plots to kill Blake's wife, has also told friends a fantastic story about investigators hired by Blake burrowing tunnels under his home.

Meanwhile, American court show CELEBRITY JUSTICE has revealed that Hambleton will face a 70 day sentence following the Blake case after being found guilty in a 1999 gun possession charge.

10/12/2004 02:44