Actor Robert Blake has been attacked by the bodyguard who stood by him and served jailtime as his accused co-conspirator in the murder of BONNY LEE BAKLEY.

EARLE CALDWELL served time alongside Blake, but murder charges against him were dropped on grounds of insufficient evidence.

But now Caldwell is speaking out against his former employer because the former BARETTA star hasn't bothered to thank him for his support since being acquitted of murder charges.

Caldwell tells US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "I was hoping to hear from him, to get a call saying, 'Thanks for hanging in there, brother.'"

Meanwhile, Caldwell has revealed police tried to force him to confess that Blake killed Bakley.

He adds, "They said, 'You'll be home in bed tonight if you tell us what we want to hear.'"

"But I wasn't going to lie. I was prepared to go to prison for the rest of my life if that's what it meant by not lying.

"I never thought Robert was involved. Not for a second. He comes from that old Italian world. She's the mother of a child. She might not be the greatest person in the world, but she deserves to be around."

The former bodyguard admits he's struggled to find employment since being implicated in the Blake murder trial.

He explains, "It's been hell. I've been pulled through the mud, too."

Shortly after speaking to Celebrity Justice reporters earlier this week (beg11APR05), Blake took Caldwell for lunch at a Los Angeles fast food diner.

15/04/2005 19:49