LATEST: Actor Robert Blake's attorney has urged jurors in his client's murder trial to "look at all of the evidence" as he wraps up his defence in court today (03MAR05).

M GERALD SCHWARTZBACH stressed that there is not enough evidence to convict the 71-year-old BARETTA star of the murder of his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY, who was shot and killed in 2001.

Schwartzbach told the Van Nuys, California, courtroom, "The burden of proof is on the prosecution," before waving the murder weapon at the jury, insisting it cannot be linked directly to his client.

He added, "You're required to look at all of the evidence. You can't look at the evidence with blinders on."

Schwartzbach is expected to take the rest of the day to wrap up his defence. The prosecution rested its case yesterday (02MAR05).

The jury is expected to begin deliberating tomorrow (04MAR05).

03/03/2005 21:07