Troubled actor Robert Blake's late wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY was determined to have his baby and persuade him to marry her, a Los Angeles court has heard.

Bakley's eldest daughter HOLLY GAWRON, 24, told the jury at Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday (27JAN05), her late mother took an ovulation test before flying from Arkansas to meet him in Los Angeles in 1999.

Former BARETTA star Blake is accused of murdering his spouse in May 2001.

Gawron testifies Blake became furious and threatened Bakley when he discovered she was pregnant, yelling "You don't know who you're messing with, you bitch", down the telephone.

Prosecution witnesses claim Blake planted drugs on Bakley so she would be jailed and he would receive sole custody of their baby daughter ROSIE.

However his plan allegedly failed when Gawron and her brother found a tackle box packed with cocaine in the back seat of their mum's Mercedes.

The trial continues.

28/01/2005 17:50