LATEST: A TV interview Robert Blake agreed to do from jail, against the wishes of his former attorney, will be admitted as evidence during the actor's murder trial.

Prosecutors will broadcast portions of the chat Blake had with ABC broadcaster Barbara Walters in February 2003, because they claim it proves the former BARETTA star was lying about "happy" relations between him and his wife Bonny Lee Bakley in the days leading up to her May 2001 murder, for which he is accused.

Blake insisted, "We had a lot to talk about, because it was a time when her entire family was going to move to Los Angeles, and everybody was going to have to get situated some place.

"So there was a lot to talk about, but there certainly wasn't any downside for me."

Blake insisted he was innocent throughout the ABC interview, but prosecutors will use the footage and a recorded conversation he had with comedian Mort Sahl, in which he calls the Bakley family "monsters", to prove he's untrustworthy.

16/12/2004 17:46