Robert Blake's former assistant testified yesterday (24JAN05) that she unwittingly helped the actor kidnap his baby daughter from his then future wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY.

CODY BLACKWELL claimed Blake asked her to pose as a nurse and take the baby, ROSIE, to her house while he took Bakley to lunch.

Blake, 71, is accused of shooting Bakley, 44, to death on 4 May, 2001.

Blackwell testified that she never went to police even though she was fearful that he had "done away" with Bakley at the time of the abduction because she feared getting arrested.

Under questioning by Deputy District Attorney SHELLIE SAMUELS, Blackwell claimed Blake told her he hated Bakley.

She said, "He said she was involved with bikers and drug addicts and low-lifes and he couldn't stand her."

After taking the baby from Bakley at Blake's direction when the mother arrived at his house, Blackwell said she met the actor later at a school and drove to a McDonald's restaurant with him, where he gave her $10 (GBP5) and dropped her off.

Blackwell said during the trip Blake was "ranting and raving about Bonny and her friends".

She added, "He said, 'Just let them come to my place. I'll be ready. I'll shoot them dead and the birds can pick their bones.'"

She said she never worked for Blake again, but after hearing that Bakley had been killed she sold her story to STAR magazine for $8,000 (GBP4,210) because she was bankrupt and could not afford her rent.

25/01/2005 02:46