Troubled actor Robert Blake's dead wife Bonny Lee Bakley is causing headaches for a Florida divorcee from beyond the grave

- by racking up debts in her name.

SYLVIA SIMON, 46, claims she's the victim of identity theft after Bakley took her name to pay bills.

Simon only found out about the financial irregularity when she applied for a home loan. She later discovered Bakley had her driving license with her when she was murdered.

The divorcee has lost her car and her job due to the mix up and now claims, "No bank or credit card company will touch me."

She says, "Using my name, driver's license, Social Security number and date of birth, Bonny had been able to obtain a new driver's license for herself, set up bank accounts, rent mailboxes, operate an escort business and order credit cards.

"Recently I ran into my ex-husband and we compared notes. ROBERT told me that after we divorced, he married LINDA GAIL LEWIS - the sister of JERRY LEE LEWIS and a friend of Bakley... Later he found out from Bonny herself that she had obtained my ID from among his belongings."

Bakley's shady dealings have left Simon with a $20,000 (GBP11,760) credit debt.

02/02/2004 01:55