A Los Angeles judge has ruled actor Robert Blake's constitutional rights were violated when officers allowed a journalist into the star's home during an unlawful search to investigate the murder of Blake's wife.

Superior Court Judge DARLENE SCHEMPP said on Tuesday (19OCT04) that despite the illegal presence of former LOS ANGELES TIMES newspaper reporter MILES CORWIN he would not throw out evidence uncovered at the illegal search and seizure.

Schempp said, "Clearly there was a Fourth Amendment violation when the officers invited Mr Corwin to go along.

"I do not find that Mr Corwin helped recover any evidence."

The 70-year-old BARETTA star has pleaded not guilty to shooting BONNY LEE BAKLEY in 2001, claiming he found her dead body in their car after he went back into a restaurant where they had just eaten to retrieve a gun he carried for protection. His trial is scheduled for 1 November (04).

21/10/2004 14:02