LATEST: Robert Blake's murdered wife signed a prenuptial agreement that meant she risked losing custody of the couple's daughter if she called their wedding off, the jury in Blake's murder trial were told yesterday (25JAN05)

BONNY LEE BAKLEY signed an "abusive and controlling" agreement after proving beyond doubt the 71-year-old was the father of her child - against the wishes of her legal adviser.

Bakley's former lawyer, CARY GOLDSTEIN, told the Los Angeles court the document in question stated if Blake or Bakley caused their wedding to be called off, the other party would take sole custody of their daughter ROSIE - now four.

The agreement also stipulated that, if she lost custody of her child, Bakley would only be given permission to see her in the presence of a court-appointed chaperone, and her family would be prevented from entering Blake's property.

The prosecution bench called Goldstein to the stand to add further weight to their assertion Blake killed his wife because he didn't want her to raise their child.

Blake stands accused of killing his wife outside Vitello's restaurant in Studio City, Los Angeles, in 2001.

26/01/2005 17:31