LATEST: Robert Blake was escorted from his murder trial at Van Nuys, California court on Monday (14FEB05), after breaking down in tears at the sound of his own voice.

The prosecution wrapped up their case against the former BARETTA star by playing jurors a jailhouse interview the actor recorded with TV interviewer Barbara Walters which aired on US news show 20/20 in February 2003, and audio recordings of Blake talking with an unnamed visitor while he was in jail.

Blake broke down after he heard himself saying, "What the f**k are they going to do to me? God's been on my shoulder since I was born. God's been on my shoulder since ROSIE (his daughter) was born.

"When this s**t is over, no matter what happens, they're going to be all right financially. Rosie is safe. Those monsters will never get her."

Deputy District Attorney SHELLIE SAMUELS argued "monsters" was a direct reference to Blake's late wife Bonny Lee Bakley's family.

Blake was removed from the courtroom by his concerned legal team, but his distress could be heard down the hallway. He later returned looking calm and composed.

The 71-year-old is charged with shooting Bakley on 4 May 2001 as she sat in a car near their favourite restaurant.

15/02/2005 18:07