Actor Robert Blake allegedly became verbally abusive towards an attorney representing the four children of his murdered wife in a civil suit against him.

Blake was cleared of the 2001 murder of Bonny Lee Bakley in a criminal court in March (05) - but he now faces a civil battle to avoid paying damages to Bakley's kids.

During a lengthy deposition on Monday (9MAY05) Blake repeatedly denied killing his wife and raised his voice telling Attorney ERIC DUBIN to "shut up" and "don't get cute with me" when grilled on the murder - Dubin claims.

He told reporters, "He definitely was abusive toward me. But that's OK. I represent four kids whose mom was murdered. I could care less if Robert Blake wants to call me names."

The deposition was due to conclude today (10MAY05).

The civil lawsuit was filed in 2002 on behalf of Bakley's four children, including four-year-old ROSE - her only child with Blake. A trial date has not been set.

10/05/2005 14:07