LATEST: Jurors in the murder trial of Robert Blake have been warned they'll be forced to decide his fate on circumstantial evidence alone.

The actor - who stands accused of shooting his wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY to death in May 2001 - faces a pre-Christmas (04) court showdown, but there's no DNA evidence, no fingerprints and no eyewitnesses linked to the crime.

The six-day jury selection process is due to come to an end today (23NOV04), will trial proceedings commencing on 6 December (04).

During the questioning of jurors, it's been suggested prosecutors have no direct evidence to link Blake to the killing.

And possible jurors have been quizzed about their verdict on Blake's lawyers' argument that Bakley was a bad influence on the couple's children.

One potential juror was asked by Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney SHELLIE SAMUELS, "If you're convinced he killed Bonny Lee Bakley to protect his daughter, do you think that was a defence because she was in need of killing?"

Blake remains on bail of $1.5 million (GBP810,000) and denies murdering his wife.

23/11/2004 21:14