LATEST: Robert Blake yesterday (17OCT05) testified there are at least three witnesses who can confirm his alibi that he was not present when his wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY was murdered - the first time the actor has made this claim.

Bakley was shot in May 2001 in Blake's car outside a restaurant in Studio City, California. Blake says the killing happened as he returned to the eatery to collect a handgun he had left behind.

At the restaurant, the BARETTA star told the court he was seen by three workers who never went to the police.

The 72-year-old is battling a civil lawsuit brought by the children of Bakley. Blake was acquitted of fatally shooting Bakley in March (05), but her grown-up kids claim he is responsible for her death.

Blake told the Los Angeles court three workers standing by a cash register saw him walk back into the restaurant. He claims they never gave police a statement because they did not speak English and were not legally allowed in the US.

ERIC DUBIN, representing Bakley's children, dismissed Blake's testimony. He said, "It's a new jury, so I guess we have a new alibi. I would call it a desperate and insulting attempt to create an alibi that had never been there for four years."

Earlier this month (OCT05), Blake defended his decision to take a gun to the restaurant, telling the civil jury he was worried about people, including a man he called 'Buzz Cut', loitering outside his house.

Yesterday, Blake described his late wife as someone desperate for fame and fortune. He also said Bakley had a relationship with Marlon Brando's son CHRISTIAN while she was with him.

In one of her letters presented in court, Bakley wrote: "I don't feel it would be worth it to sever that relationship for anything less than an engagement. It might not be just your money I miss out on, it might be Marlon's as well via Christian."