Actor Robert Blake testified for the first time on the murder of his wife yesterday (29SEP05), explaining that he gave different accounts about the night of her death because he's "human".

The former BARETTA is accused of the wrongful death of his estranged wife Bonny Lee Bakley in a civil case brought by Bakley's adult children.

He explained in a Los Angeles courtroom, "There are versions because I'm a human being. I'm not a machine. I'm 72 years old. I'm dyslexic."

Blake did not take the stand in his criminal trial that ended in March (05) with his acquittal on charges he murdered Bakley himself and solicited one of his former stuntmen to do so. But his accounts to police and lawyers of events that night have contained some conflicting statements.

Defendants are required to testify in civil cases where they do not face jail time.

Blake was accused of fatally shooting Bakley, 44, in May 2001 as she sat in his car outside a Los Angeles area restaurant in the criminal case that was built largely on circumstantial evidence.