LATEST: Robert Blake expressed normal behaviour for someone involved in a traumatic event the night his wife was killed, his trial has been told by a key witness.

Los Angeles Fire Department captain KEVIN BAILEY, whose team was the first to respond to the reported assault near Vitello's Restaurant on 4 May (01), found BONNIE LEE BAKLEY shot and the actor sitting on a curb in a distressed state.

Bailey told the court in Van Nuys, California, last Thursday (17FEB05) that Blake's behaviour was not "out of the ordinary" when questioned by defence attorney M GERALD SCHWARTZBACH.

Bailey said, "He had his head in his hands. I recall some moaning and at one point he may have gotten physically sick."

When Bailey noticed Blake carrying a gun, the actor told him he carried it around "for security or protection, that his wife wanted him to do that".

It was not the gun that killed 44-year-old Bakley as she sat in her husband's car.

Blake, the former BARETTA TV star, is charged with the murder of Bakley, lying in wait and soliciting two stuntmen to kill his late spouse.

21/02/2005 17:43