LATEST: Actor Robert Blake has spoken out about his financial hardship in court, revealing he can't afford to pay his taxes or settle damages. The struggling star insisted he'd spent so much money defending himself against a murder charge in his wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY's death, he has landed in serious difficulties with creditors. Despite his acquittal of Bakley's murder at an earlier criminal trial in March 2005, the BARETTA actor was found liable for her 2001 death by a civil jury later that year and ordered to pay her children $30 million (GBP16.6 million) in damages. He also owes his criminal defence lawyers $450,000 (265,000) each for their services. Addressing a bankruptcy trustee on Friday (24MAR06) he said, "When I realised my assets were less than what I owed, it became clear to me that in my best interest I should file Chapter 11." The hearing was recessed until late May (06). Bakley was shot dead in the actor's car outside a restaurant where the couple had dined.