Prosecutors in the Robert Blake murder case have asked a judge to limit evidence in the upcoming trial about the actor's slain wife and her illicit exploits.

In more than 40 pages of motions filed on Tuesday (20JAN04), prosecutors sought to eliminate huge amounts of evidence which could damage their case against Blake. They asked to bar testimony about Bonny Lee Bakley's sex-related con games, her drug arrests, and the criminal involvements of other members of her family including her grown daughter.

The prosecutors said, "Ms Bakley might be considered by some to be what is commonly referred to as a 'grifter' or 'con artist'," before asking LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT judge DARLENE SCHEMPP to limit such evidence before the jury.

While prosecutors don't intend to sanitise Bakley's past, they will "object to any attempts to sensationalise Bakley's career and portray her as someone who deserved the fate she ultimately suffered".

Former BARETTA star Blake, 70, is charged with murdering Bakley in 2001. She was found shot to death in their car outside a Los Angeles restaurant where they had dined.

25/01/2004 21:05