Innocent man Robert Blake insists his conscience is clear now justice has been served at his murder trial - but regrets many members of the public are still adamant he's guilty of killing his wife.

The BARETTA star was found not guilty on 16 March (05) of murdering wife Bonny Lee Bakley in a car outside the Los Angeles restaurant they had just dined in, but it's come to his attention that many people have mixed feelings about the case.

Blake, 71, also announced on BARBARA WALTERS' show Good Morning America today (23MAR05) he's in financial ruin and owes a fortune in taxes.

But regardless of the repercussions of the trial, Blake is most concerned with convincing skeptics he played no part in Bakley's gun death.

He said, "People right now either love me or hate me. The other day I went to the farmer's market, and everybody was hugging me and stuff, but there were people on the outside saying 'Murderer'."

When Walters asked if his conscience was clear, Blake confidently replied, "Of course it's clear."

And Blake also insisted he isn't fearful of the forthcoming civil case filed by the children of his late wife, adding, "They're going to have to stand in a long line," to collect any money from him.

23/03/2005 17:10