Robert Blake plans to make a documentary about jails, following his three-year stint behind bars.

Blake was arrested in 2002 for the 2001 murder of his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY and was eventually acquitted in March (05).

And during the time he was locked up, Blake noticed a great difference between jails, which are largely filled with people awaiting trial, and prisons, which accommodate the convicted.

He says, "I do have a feeling in my heart that I would like to somehow maybe do a documentary on jails, 'cause everybody's done thousands of documentaries on prisons. Jails are completely different than prisons.

"I'd like to maybe take a camera in and let the people know what a jail is like.

"There's so social life (in jail). In prison you can have a job... you can study and you can learn and you can a television. In jail you get nothing."

18/05/2005 09:14