Robert Blake's lawyers yesterday (27MAR06) asked for a new trial, alleging jury misconduct in last year's (05) civil court case which found the actor "intentionally caused" the death of his wife. In a new motion filed in Los Angeles, the BARETTA star's defence team claim one juror failed to disclose that her daughter was in prison for murder, while others disregarded instructions from the judge. It is also alleged that the jury found Blake liable for the 2001 death of his wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY in order to send a message to celebrities. The jury also discussed details relating to Blake's criminal trial in March 2005, in which he was acquitted of murdering Bakley, which the lawyers claim had no relevance to his civil trial. In November (05), a civil court ordered to Blake to pay $30 million (GBP17.6 million) in damages to Bakley's children. He then filed for bankruptcy.