Troubled star Robert Blake's lawyer is hoping evidence linking an acquaintance of Marlon Brando's son to the murder of the actor's wife will be allowed into the courtroom.

Defence attorney M GERALD SCHWARTZBACH has told a Los Angeles court he can support claims actress Bonny Lee Bakley was shot dead by a man with alleged ties to the late legend's offspring CHRISTIAN BRANDO.

Superior Court Judge DARLENE SCHEMPP - who has previously rejected an attempt to include the evidence - has assured Schwartzbach she will consider his request at a hearing on 14 October (04).

Christian Brando was romantically involved with Bakley, who initially said her baby girl was his child, before she married Blake, the kid's real father.

Blake, 71, has pleaded not guilty to killing his wife in Los Angeles in May 2001. He will stand accused of the charge when the trial proper starts in November (04).

21/09/2004 02:22