Jurors in actor Robert Blake's murder trial took a field trip on Thursday night (13JAN05) to tour the scene of Bonny Lee Bakley's death.

The jurors spent just over an hour retracing Blake's footsteps on the night of the murder, outside California restaurant Vitello's.

The crime scene was recreated for them in a car park outside the restaurant, where Blake and his wife had their final meal together.

Blake, who stands accused of the murder, did not join the jurors but LOS ANGELES TIMES reporter ANDREW BLANKSTEIN, who was allowed to join the tour, says, "The jurors were sombre and silent... The weight of the fact that somebody had been killed there was on their minds."

Meanwhile, the trial swung in Blake's favour yesterday (14JAN05) when a crime scene expert testified in the Van Nuys, California, courthouse that the fact there was no blood on the actor's clothing when police arrived at the scene suggests Blake didn't murder his wife.

15/01/2005 01:08