LATEST: The jurors who acquitted American actor Robert Blake have slammed Los Angeles District Attorney STEVE COOLEY after he branded them "incredibly stupid" yesterday (24MAR05) - but he remains unrepentant.

Last week (ends18MAR05), the jury found the former BARETTA star not guilty of the 2001 slaying of Bonny Lee Bakley, who was shot in a car outside a restaurant where the couple had dined. But Cooley remains convinced Blake is "guilty as sin".

Former jury foreman THOMAS NICHOLSON counters, "I'm just disgusted. It appears to me he has no faith in the jury selection. After all, it was his people who helped choose us."

Fellow juror ROBERTO EMERICK adds, "If Mr. Cooley thinks there was enough evidence to convict, then he should spend more time doing his job and less time trying to make excuses."

Cooley remains in defiant mood and added last night (24MAR05), ""There was a failure in this case. It was not my prosecutor. It was not the work of LAPD. It was the jurors didn't quite get it."

He did concede, "I could have phrased it differently. But bottom line it was the wrong verdict."

25/03/2005 20:18